Sunday, August 19, 2007


i'm still can't get over merv's death. that guy was one hell of an entertainer. i can't get lovely bunch of coconuts out of my head.


Now Tony's Leaving

so now tony snow's leaving after kr. my legacy's going down the tubes. need a new message fast. any ideas?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gaining a Republican Son

jenna's engaged. henry popped the question. it'll be like lbj's daughter (can't remember which one) or tricia nixon getting married. good for the old legacy.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


i probably should say something about the king on thursday. it's the 30th anniversary of his death at graceland. lots of folks still love him. probably score some points with them.
should ask laura if she remembers where i put my singles of viva las vegas and jailhouse rock when we moved to the wh. probably in storage somewhere. can't help falling in love used to be our song when we met.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Boy Genius

kr is leaving. why is everyone talking about his legacy? what about mine?



watched tiger win the pga. need to get him to the wh. great photo op.
already got some jokes lined up. why would tiger make a better president than me? cause i'm always in the rough, and he isn't.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cut & Run

i miss cut & run. we could shut up any "dem-wit" or reporter with one "cut & run." ..."excuse me, mr. president, what about iraq.."......"so you want us to cut & run?"
thinking of expanding cut & run to other stuff. kid won't do his homework...johnny, you want to cut & run? pitcher wants out in the 7th inning....cut & run?


need to get some famous faces out to help with the 01202009.
ghwb could always call on chuck norris, or lee greenwood to sing proud to be an american. who's my lee? probably toby. need to get him to write a song about staying the course.
also the girls said i might want to do something with a show like cribs. have them come over to the white house and i'll show them around.
or pimp my ride with the presidential limo.


Regular Guy

talked to sark for ideas on how i can come off as a regular guy.
maybe take a bus to show i'm about saving energy. or go to home depot and buy some fluorescent bulbs for the wh. while i'm there i can tell folks their homes are ok with this subprime thing going on.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jenna and Laura

saw on the internet where jenna and laura are writing a childrens book. think they already told me they are doing it.
that's good for the the old 01202009. reminds people about nclb (no child ..or is it children...left behind).
i'll ask if i can do the forward. we'll have to get extra copies for the gift store when the gwb library opens.


Jerry Lewis

had lunch w/ fpns (french president nic sarkozy)
sark said i should give jerry lewis some kind of presidential medal since he's getting up there. great idea. do it on the telethon, and hand them some kind of check.
probably too late for this labor day, but i can catch him next year.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Barry Bonds

what if gwb invites barry bonds to the wh in w, d of c to congratulate him? great photo op. maybe I can toss a wiffle ball to him.
kr says forget it. killer for the 01202009 legacy because of the steroid stuff.
said you'd get headlines like: The President* and the Home Run Champ*


Thursday, August 9, 2007

My System

gwb's got quantative skills from hbs (harvard business school). thinking along these lines:

-- win nobel piece prize (+ 560,000 points.)
-- win 2 nobel piece prizes (game over)
-- win publishers clearinghouse, w/van pulling up to wh (wow!)
-- solve iraq (+ 659,000 points)
-- give toby keith cma lifetime award (+ 21,999)
-- cheney shoots someone again (- 24,988)
-- ghwb's parachute fails to open (+ 139,444 for sympathy)
problem is i don't know where my texas instruments calculator is (the one i got for free as governor)


The 01202009

maybe i'll come came up with something where i give myself legacy points when i do something good, take them away when something bad happens. kind of like fantasy baseball.
Like if i get 01,202,009 points (that's the date, compadre, that I leave the wh in w, d of c) then my legacy's secure. hello gwb presidential library, museum & discount tire center.


Greetings from Maine

gwb was out riding his bike this morning. no ticks. but i did realize i don't have much time left to legacy myself.